[TMA’s 3rd Annual Reward and
Performance Management Summit]

AMA Executive Center, Atlanta, GA
October 29th -30th, 2019

Aligning Continuous Performance Management with Rewards and Compensation Strategies to Maximize Employee Engagement

TMA’s Reward and Performance Management Summit will discuss how can we align rewards and compensation strategies with the new realities of continuous feedback and development-based performance management.

What You’ll Learn?

  • Understanding how the brain works in regards to feedback, performance ratings and rewards

  • Using behavioral economics to create a rewards brand that really attracts and engages top talent

  • Developing and revamping total rewards as a strategic component of employee engagement

  • The impact of organizational culture in assessing a performance management model

  • Developing managers to effectively deliver feedback and make fair compensation decisions

  • Aligning performance management with total rewards and strategic talent management

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