AMA Executive Center, Atlanta, GA
Nov. 5-6, 2019

[TMA’s HR Business Partner University Summit]

This year’s HR Business Partner University is based on the best-selling book, Fearless HR, by David C. Forman. Fearless HR is about HR’s purpose of driving business results and improving the competitive position of the company. It is about being a business leader, not a department head or a passive participant at a table full of unequal. It is about creating an environment in which talent and innovation can flourish. And it is about being fearless, bold and willing to take risks for the business to be successful.

Over the years, people have developed other perceptions of HR. We all know these perceptions exist, but have failed to address them because it might be disruptive or uncomfortable.
The problem is that these beliefs become even more engrained in corporate memory when they are allowed to persist. HR, as a profession, must address its past before it can move forward to make greater contributions in the future.
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