• Date: Jan. 15-17, 2018
  • Location: Atlanta, GA 

The Industry’s Only Completely Hands-on and Interactive Event

The Current State of Recruiting:

According to a recent Global Staffing Trends survey, some of the top challenges leaders say their teams are faced with include: competition for talent (58%); business development (38%); limited budget (30%); and small recruiting teams (25%).

The survey also states that firms measure their brand by: traffic to our career website (45%); response to emails/InMails (43%); social media engagement (35%); number of social media followers (27%); and survey data on potential candidates’ perceptions (21%).

How can you beat the competition with low funds, a small team, AND better your employer brand?

By using the right (free) tools, automation when you can, and amazing sourcing strategies that find and impress talent at the same time.

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