A recent survey by Indeed states that 61% of recruiters expect to hire more people in 2018 than they did in 2017, while 29% expect to maintain current headcount, and only 10% are planning to reduce their hiring. More hires equal a busier recruiting team and the importance of getting it right. Finding candidates, employing new technology, quality hires and candidate experience are all critical to successful hiring in 2018. That’s why this year’s Talent Acquisition Summit will focus on three key topics.

  • Technology & Data:
    Candidate searches, assessments, scheduling, the list of transactional tasks that recruiting endures as a means to an end is just time away from what matters, finding the right people
    for the right roles and making human connections. This can be achieved with the right combination of technology, data, and strategy.

  • Marketing & Candidate Experience:
    A recruiter’s personal brand. The company’s employer brand. The social presence of both. More and more talent acquisition is tasked with thinking and being more of a marketer and with good reason. The right brand and message not only attracts the right candidates but can help recruit to the company’s culture. Successful hires will have had a positive andidate experience since the first moment of contact, all which leads to retention, and loyalty.

  • Strategy:
    Whether you’re investing in new technology, starting to use AI, updating your brand or training hiring managers how to interview and assess candidates better, being successful (or not) is determined by the strategy behind the change.

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