Succession Planning Strategies to Create a Leadership Pipeline of High Performers

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing new leaders who can replace other leaders when they leave or retire. In a survey conducted by Korn Ferry, only one third of senior-level executives responded that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their company’s succession management program, while less than one quarter reported that their organization had developed a strong pool of candidates ready to fill leadership positions – With succession planning being an imperative talent and business strategy, why isn’t it the most developed program within organizations?

A top-notch program must be able to identify talent gaps, high potential employees, attract the right external candidates, develop employees and keep them engaged and loyal all while generating high performance from current and future employees.

This year’s Succession Planning Event will showcase interactive workshops and sessions that will enable you to overcome succession planning challenges and create programs that will not only influence current employee behavior, retention, and development but will make you more attractive to the right candidates and hires, resulting in a talent pool of high performers and future leaders.

Workshops and sessions will focus on: 

•      CEO Succession Planning
•      Knowledge Transfer Processes
•      High Potential and High Performer Attraction, Development,               and Retention
•      Creating a Total Talent Work/Life Strategy
•      Individual Development Plans
•      Individual Development Plans
•      Generational Succession Planning
•      Identifying and Closing Talent Gaps
•      Accelerating Succession Readiness
•      Linking Culture to Leadership  Development ....And much more!

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