TMA’s 6th Annual Inclusion Summit will examine the role and relationship of D&I with business issues such as innovation, leadership development, and team, individual and organizational performance.

Join a high-level faculty of D&I leaders as they discuss:

  • Designing and Communicating D&I Strategy
  • Effecting Behavioral Change
  • Diversity & Inclusion Analytics, Leveraging Social Media for D&I and Other D&I Tech
  • Sustaining Management Engagement and Accountability
  • Aligning Diversity with Talent Acquisition and Talent Management Efforts
  • Managing the Impact of Societal and Political Events in Organizational Diversity Strategies
  • Addressing Intersectionality and Microaggressions
  • Exploring non-traditional dimensions of Diversity (LGBTI, generational, cultural, religious, etc)
  • Preventing and dealing with harassment and other sexual misconduct
  • Measuring the ROI of Diversity
  • Diverse Succession Planning
  • Promoting Women Leadership
  • Generational Diversity
  • The role of sponsorship and allyship


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