Designing an Agile Organization with People Analytics, and a Data-Driven HR Department

According to a recent study by Deloitte, 71% of companies see people analytics as a high priority in their organization. It is rapidly becoming known as a business function focused on using data to understand every part of a business operation, but progress has been slow. The percentage of companies correlating data to business outcomes and performing predictive analytics has barely changed from the previous year. Senior leaders are growing impatient with HR teams that can’t deliver actionable information and insights, and want more information from more areas within the business that impact the workforce and the bottom line.

HR needs to transform into a data-driven entity focused on measuring and improving the entire business.
In order to do this a solid foundation of meaningful data and analytics must be created, systems must be put in place to analyze the data need to function successfully for each part of the talent life-cycle, a clear and manageable workforce planning function needs to be employed, and insights gained need to lead business and workforce decisions.

At TMA’s Human Capital Analytics and Workforce Planning event, attendees of all skill-levels and experience learn best practices from experienced professionals on topics such as
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