Talent Management Alliance is excited to announce the launch of its seventh annual
premier talent and leadership development event taking place May 15th - 17th 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta!

TMA’s High Potential & Leadership Development Summit is one of our largest conferences bringing together over 200 talent management, learning and development, OD and other human capital management executives to discuss best practices and trends in the areas of talent management and leadership development.

For 2018, we will be discussing topics like:

  • The Anatomy of a Leader – Using Experience Development to Accelerate Readiness
  • How Home Depot assess promotional readiness, uncovers development needs and reduces talent assessment biases
  • Sustaining Energy – Engaging emerging leaders throughout a high potential leadership development program
  • Rethinking the Nine-Box and the Talent Review Process
  • Field Leadership - Developing Leaders from a Distance
  • Building Up Your Bench – How to Identify and Grow Top Talent within Your Organization
  • Implementing Holistic Succession Planning
  • Improving Talent Management and Employee Engagement Through Team Development
  • Leadership Development Program Implementation Case Study by Royal Bank of Canada
  • Sustaining Energy – Engaging Emerging Leaders throughout a High Potential
    Leadership Development Program

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