2018 Change Management and Cultural
Transformation Event

Managing the People Side of Change

Organizations don't change. People do. When talking about organizational change, what we really are discussing is how to change employee behavior which changes local/office culture, which in turn impacts the organizational culture. Taking this view of change management means that all organizational change starts with transforming company culture to change employee behaviors in order to facilitate change.

Innovation and Openness to Change

Mass digitization of business and society is disrupting every organization in all industries with new challenges to corporate strategies, workplace cultures, and employees.  All companies face an extraordinary urgency now to be exponentially faster, more agile, and innovative with the market-transitional solutions that change the game. Innovation can come from anywhere, and every employee must be an innovator. This means nothing short of quickly cultivating an organization-wide environment where employees at all levels and in every function are inspired and incentivized to think and act more like passionate and innovative entrepreneurs in a startup.

 Topics to be discussed:

  • Measurement of change management initiatives
  • Building a change management leadership team and change capability
  • Managing micro/local office cultures
  • Effective communication strategies to keep employees engaged during change
  • Using mindfulness to help change acceptance
  • Managing change during M&A
  • Building a company culture that encourages flexibility
  • Using employee feedback throughout the change process
  • Building an innovative culture conducive to change
  • Keeping employees engaged through the change process
  • Using neuroscience to effectively impact change programs

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