Leveraging Intentionality to Drive Behavior and Culture Change 

August 13-14, 2019
Atlanta, GA

TMA’s 7th Annual Inclusion Summit will address how organizations can embed diversity and inclusion in their practices by leveraging intentionality and proactively managing change. Our presenters will share insight from first-hand experience that applies to all organizations no matter what stage they at are at, whether starting the conversation, getting buy-in from key stakeholders, developing a strategy or sustaining initiatives.

Join our expert faculty as they discuss:

  • The nuances of D&I in the context of globalization
  • Measuring the ROI of diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Non-traditional dimensions of diversity
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Emotional intelligence and its relationship with inclusivity
  • Intersectionality, assimilation and cultural awareness
  • Rethinking the use and value of ERGs
  • Sustainability and community outreach
  • Engaging straight white men in diversity and inclusion work

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